From concept to delivery, we provide comprehensive printing and packaging solutions for FUBS' like jewelry cards, envelopes, and necklace cards. Our expertise ensures their products shine from the moment they're received.

Heart Shape Earring Card

Our heart-shaped earring cards for FUBS blend romance with functionality, providing a charming backdrop for showcasing their exquisite earrings, enhancing brand appeal.

Rectangle shape Earring Card

Designed with sleek simplicity, our rectangle-shaped earring cards offer a modern and versatile way to showcase their stunning earrings, ensuring a polished and professional presentation.

Neckless Card

rectangle-shaped necklace cards offer a sleek platform for displaying their elegant necklaces, elevating product presentation and brand recognition.

Window Shape Earring Card

window-shaped earring cards provide a captivating frame for showcasing their delicate earrings, enhancing product visibility and brand identity.

Greeting Card

Our custom-designed greeting cards for FUBS offer a heartfelt touch to customer interactions, reinforcing brand loyalty and leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Heart Shape Envelope

heart-shaped envelopes add a whimsical flair to their packaging, enhancing the unboxing experience and fostering emotional connections with customers.