ANM Brothers & Company

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Logo Design

The brand name "त्रि" (TRi) signifies the collaboration of three brothers. A dynamic logo for त्रि, capturing the essence of three brothers crafting artisanal wood-pressed oils and ghee.


TRI is a brand rooted in tradition, crafting high-quality wood-pressed oils and dairy products. Founded by three brothers, our mission is to bring the goodness of nature to your table, ensuring every product is pure, natural, and full of flavor.

Label Design

Eye-catching packaging for त्रि, showcasing natural wood-pressed oils . It reflects tradition, quality, and being eco-friendly, attracting customers with its timeless look and top-notch products.

Box Design

Creating the perfect box for त्रि's oil and ghee bottles, blending tradition and quality. Each detail showcases our commitment to excellence, ensuring every product embodies pure goodness.