ABSource Biologics

Discover high-quality dairy cultures, ingredients, and testing kits from ABSource Biologics Pvt. Ltd., a trusted global supplier. Partner with Pariwartan Media for professional printing and packaging services, including label and pouch screen printing, and website design.

ABSource Biologics Website

Craft a captivating online presence with Pariwartan Media. We specialize in professional website design, ensuring your brand stands out in the digital landscape.

Aluminum Pouch

Aluminum pouch: convenient packaging for freeze-dried bacteria. Simply add to milk for freshness. Easy-to-use and preserves quality.

Transparent Sticker

Transparent stickers for aluminum pouches provide clear visibility and product information. Enhance packaging appeal and brand visibility with these versatile stickers.

Pouch Labels

Pouch labels for versatile packaging solutions. Customize with vibrant designs and essential product details. Enhance brand visibility and product appeal with our premium labels.


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