What is the best Marketing Strategy? Learn basics of successful marketing.

Our Approach for Successful Marketing Strategy

Brand Awareness

Critical Problem

Solution to the Problem

Justification of 

Our Awareness Problem Solution Justification Method works best for any type of marketing strategy, any industry, any platform and all products or services.

Brand Awareness

As we learnt in previous article Brand Identity and Brand Strategy that if your customer doesn’t know you, he wont trust you as a result he wont buy from you.

this stage should answer the WHO? that is Who the customers is buying from? today you buy things from Amazon, but did you 20 years back? that is the kind of trust as a brand they have built through their marketing strategy.

Awareness stage should cover All information about the Brand, Its products, how they solve customers critical problem, and how your products and services in general. this is very critical stage of the marketing strategy, but just the first step.

Consider this as top of the funnel. wide diameter, you create mass awareness and reach large number of people. more the number of people you reach, more will be your awareness. if you just create awareness and don’t continue the mass customers will forget who you are in some times. 

Realization critical of Problem

Your Product or service is not needed if they don’t solve a problem.

If there were no robberies there was no need for a lock, if there were no locks, there will be no need of locksmith. so a Padlock is not for keeping the door locked, but Solution to the problem of robberies.

This stage will answer the WHAT, meaning what problem exactly are you going to solve?

So in the second stage of the marketing campaign, we must make the customer aware of the problem, most of the times costumer doesn’t know he has a problem which can be solved.

so when your customer knows that your products and services can solve their problem, they will now be interested in buying your products.

those people who really want to solve their problem will get into this stage, this is second stage of funnel there will be less number of people than the people you reached.

Customer Education ( Solution to the Problem)

In this stage of marketing strategy you have your customers attention, Now your have to teach and educate about your products and services.

this stage covers HOW? How is the product going to solve the problem? teach customer about product/service features, its warranties, guarantees and after sales service policies.

If your product or services solve the problem, then your customer will be totally assured that if he/she buys your product or services, then it will solve his/her problem and he is dealing with a genuine company which will be there if the product service doesn’t work.

In this stage of the funnel number of probable customers will drastically drop, it is the stage where your product, service and its presentation will be compared to your Competitor. if you want to retain more number of customers keep your product service Quality, after sales Service High

Approach for sale ( Justification )

Now is the stage where you tell him the justified cost of your products and services, and let him make a decision about purchase. Now what is the justified cost? it has all the meaning the cost should not be too low or too high. It should be justified with all the features Qualities, After sales services and gained Satisfaction from it.

If all above steps followed well then the probability is customer will buy. these are the actual number of customers who liked your product/service and are ready to buy. Price is the key role playing point here, if you can justify the cost, you win the sale.

You learnt

WHO the customer is buying from? ( Awareness )

WHAT critical problem you wish to solve? ( Problem )

HOW will your product/Service solve the problem? ( Solution ) and

WHY should they Buy? ( Justification )

If you can answer all four, then you have discovered key to great marketing strategy.

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