You are currently viewing What is Brand Identity, Know more about the basic factors of Brand development.

What is Brand Identity, Know more about the basic factors of Brand development.

Brand Identity

Our Approach to Brand Identity

As per Pariwartan, there are four aspects which creates a Brand. When all these four are followed in sync is when a real Brand is built.

These four aspects of Brand Identity when fall out of sync or one or more are not being followed then it will erase any existing Brand.

Branding is not complicated,
We have uncovered Four Root Branding Concepts for you, in Layman’s language.

Brand Theme

What is Brand Theme?

It is what you want your customer to See, Hear, Feel, Smell when he/she is around your brand. for an instance imagine starbucks, don’t you remember your fav starbucks in an instance, did you ever notice how they maintain the same ambiance for all their outlets.

It is this uniformity called as Brand Theme.

A Brand is just like a new person, when your customer meets your brand, he will feel it with all five of their senses and when he/she meets your brand again and again, customer will recall your Identity easily.

Your Brand Theme is what gets deep down into the subconscious memory of your customer as a impression of your brand and after multiple impressions of your brand theme, If correct perception is created of your brand, then your Brand will be remembered as easy as a friend.

Brand Perception

What is Brand Perception? It is what you want your customer to think your brand represents, Your Brand Design has Elements like Color, Tone of Voice,Smell, Sound, Mood, and many other factors, which decide what your brand wants to convey.

Lets again assume your Brand as a person, his/her cloths, perfume, hairstyle, tone of voice are all different aspects which gives the first impression of any person(or Brand). It is what makes a decision making point for your customer to be friend with that person.

Similarly your Brand Design will create the Perception of the Ideal brand your target audience think is good for him/her. Its only then new customer will accept your approach through any Means or Medium such as advertising or Direct contact.

Brand Impression

Perception is what you think you said, Impression is what he/she understood of what you said.

So with Brand Theme you create a Perception of your brand and a Brand impression is what your customer thinks about your brand.

We need to make sure that a brand creates the correct Impression and by correct Impression we mean realistic impression of your brand. If we over-exaggerate or under-exaggerate our brand image, it will hamper the Brand’s Reputation accordingly.

Customer feedback plays a key role in understanding actual impression towards your brand, Make sure to take customer feedback every now and then to understand your customer’s actual impression.

Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation is the simplest and the toughest part of Branding.

Simplest and the toughest both because, when you Keep a promise you gain reputation and when you Break a promise you loose reputation.

  • So don’t make promises you cant keep.
  • Always be true to your Customers.
  • Make your Product/Service Quality High.
  • Make Your after sales Service Quality  Higher.

A good way to know your reputation is to get sincere market feedback. Check for online reviews and Digi-Talk about you and your products and always keep improvising with the feedback.


Love it or Hate it, this is what makes a Brand The Brand’.

A brand Theme Creates Perception,

Perception Creates Impression

and with Impression comes your first sale,

and the Reputation you build will get you repeated SALES.

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