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What is a great brand strategy, important factors to brand development

Brand Identity

Our Approach towards Brand Strategy

Any Strategy have some Goals to achieve. Brand strategy has a goal to be Trustworthy and Well Known Brand, on which the customers can trust with the money and satisfaction of product and services they buy.

Brand strategy is totally different as compared to marketing strategy.

Brand strategy targets market positioning and reach of target audience, where as Marketing strategy usually targets more sales.

We will learn about Brand Strategy in layman’s Language, but before that we must know why brand strategy is important. Lets assume that your Brand as a person, that is yourself and your customers are the people in town you want to be friends with and invite them over for lunch.

Since you are new in town, you don’t have any good or bad reputation and hence no trust. In this situation if you invite someone suddenly for lunch, will they come? surely not,  you must first get into the market regularly, get along with everyone, introduce yourself at public meetings. Once people know about you and trust you, now you can invite them for lunch which they would happily accept. 

Now consider Lunch as your Product or Service and Money as customer’s time and safety while at lunch with you. If they don’t trust your they wont buy from you. Up ahead will learn about how to gain Customer trust using Brand Strategy.

Brand Values

What is Brand Values?

It is the Principles and values of your brand, or we can say the company behind the brand.

and why Values are important? the companies or brands without values are not trustworthy and usually loose reputation in coming times and as we learnt in previous article Brand Identity that Brand Reputation is Top priority for any brand.

Customer-centricity, Not Being Opportunist, and respecting Customer loyalty and accepting their feedback should be some of the values of any brand. these values gain customer trust,

Customer is not King, But if respected well he can surely Make You The King and if disrespected or cheated he can make your Competitors King.

list out your Brand values you think your brand Will Do and Wont Do and gain your customers trust, and make sure you follow them too. 

Brand Promise

Okay Promise for what?

Brand Promise is a promise that before, at the time and after making the Sale, your product or Services should do what you said it will Do and keep on doing it,

whatever you offer, If you make sure your brand promise is never broken then your brand reputation will soar sky high, and so do the sale’s.

we will take an example, Amazon Gained so much popularity and is now worlds Biggest Conglomerate, Reason? it just kept its promise, it promised the customers of the satisfaction of the purchase and security from any possible online fraud. this was the only and only reason Amazon is so popular among the other e-commerce website and became worldwide conglomerate.

Brand Position

What is Brand Position?

To Know and target only those customers you think are fit for your products and services.

This brings two things to work, first we should know who is your target audience? and second how to approach them? if we are not aware of these thing, we may be hitting the arrow blind.

That is the reason behind Market Research and Product Survey. Market research and product survey tells us beforehand multiple Data like, how Big is the market, what is their actual need, their spending ability and much more,

by knowing all these things we can pre-plan and launch our brand accordingly saving our time and money.

Brand Approach

Brand Approach is Quite simple if you are well prepared for it, well prepared means if you have followed all above steps correctly,

You just have to use the correct medium (the medium on which your customer is available, which you will know when you do your market survey, if you do;-)), and advertise and spread knowledge about your brand(not Products),

Always advertise What your brand is engaged into, what values it follows, how it is different from market, what unique your company does and so on…

Just need to educate your customer about your company (and not the product)

here is the link for brand educative approach of Airbnb. they just showcase video what their logo means, what they believe in what are their values.


Better your Brand Reputation Better Will be the Probability of Customer buying

a product /service from you instead of your competition and to gain that reputation,

you must have Brand Values, Brand Promise, Proper Brand Positioning and approach.

More trustworthy Your Brand more will be your Sales.

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