Learn the basics of digital marketing platforms & it’s uses

Why Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing is still powerful technique for market reach.

But is far more expensive than digital marketing, very high cost of Customer acquisition, and lower rate returns compared with digital Marketing, which can get you start marketing with budget of Rs.200 a day.

With Digital Marketing technology you can connect with your exact target audience hence conversion rate of marketing is very high. Another major advantage is Analytics, you can track all your campaigns in real time, and improvise your Marketing strategy. 

Lets Start with Basic Terminologies of Digital Marketing

Post: Your single Advertisement data is called post. It may be text, Image, Video, or Interactive animation. 

Impressions: Impression means number of views of the post.

Reach: Reach is total number of individual customers reached (who viewed your post).

Pay per Impression: Also called as Pay Per View, or Pay per Metric(thousand Views), Cost per Metric, Cost per Impression.

PPC or Pay per Click: You only pay when your customers click your post. also known as Cost Per Click or CPC

Campaign: All your advertisements for achieving a single marketing goal is collectively called as campaign

Platform: The company and its subsequent method for advertising is called as single platform, for example Google is a company, but Google Search, Youtube, Playstore, Display Ads are the platforms from google for advertising.

Budget: It is the total amount you wish to spend on a Individual Campaign.

Google Search

Google Search is where people find what they need, you just need to showcase your solution to their needs, this platform works best for sale’s and There are two ways to get top on the google search, Hard way or the fast way.

Hard way – one is you do Search engine Optimization, work hard to improve the page rankings, and maintain it. but there are always fruits waiting when you plant trees, in the longer run you don’t have to pay any money to get found on google search.

The Fast way – you pay money to google on Pay Per Click basis and google will get you directly on the top of the search query, but the time you stop paying you are Mr. nobody.

There is a Smart way – you do both. yes you read it right. you have to keep doing the hard part and until you rank in the results till then you take the help of paid search. If it sounds too complicated, we can help you figure things out.

Google Display Ads

Its just like Television & Newspaper Advertisements, but digital, but far more economical, because in the television or news papers or any print media you cant choose who sees your advertisement and who doesn’t, as well as the bigger your advertisement, more you pay.

all these problems were overcome by google advertisement platform, you can choose who see’s it, you can choose who doesn’t, you can choose in which area the add. should be shown, And this wasn’t enough, you only pay when someone see’s or clicks your add. its just an offer you cant refuse right? yes.

You can choose on what platform you want to engage with your audience, such as Youtube Videos, Playstore Apps, Blogs, and thousands of partner websites.

You can start advertising with a budget of 200 rupees or more per day, but the platform is a bit complicated for beginners, and takes some practice and knowledge to understand all the tools google offers.

Facebook / Instagram

Everyone knows these two platforms,Facebook / Instagram is more of brand awareness platform, where as Google platform is more useful for sale’s and lead generation, here people follow powerful brands and trends, if you can gain generous amount of followers here, they are all yours for life and for free.

Either you gain followers organically with content and engagement and real hard-work or you can pay to get displayed in the feed. once they follow you, they can see what you want them to see. FB/Insta platform works on Pay per View Basis. you only pay when someone views your Post irrespective of the engagement.

Now why For brand awareness and not sales? Google search is used by people who need something, but People on Fb / Insta are there to know what are the latest trends and social where about. here people don’t want to know what your products are, they are there for their virtual social gathering.

so if you plan wisely you can work on increasing your followers, and then approach sales to your followers every now and then.

All others

When you get above platforms right, you wont need other platforms, but keeping your presence and engaging on other platforms will always benefit your brand value.

so we suggest you keep your social presence on all other platforms as good social engagement policy. but don’t waste your time and money on all at the same time, try to  plan your marketing strategy, understand what is your current need, more sales, or more brand awareness, and use the platforms accordingly.

Brand awareness wont give you sales, and without brand awareness you wont get high conversion rate or we can say for same advertising budget you wont have as much sales as a trusted brand, so both are necessary sides of the same coin.

work with both of them side by side. learn more about the Branding & Marketing strategy

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